Chiizii is an art director, visual artist and textile designer.

Born and currently based in London, raised in New York with an eastern Nigerian Igbo background, her work reflects her surroundings and experiences. Throughout her work there is a special emphasis on culture, hers and the many she has a connection with. She uses her art as a means of social commentary, expression of thoughts and to learn about herself and others. Making sure to create work only through authenticity.

Her style is eclectic and vibrant. Her powerful relationship with color and pattern is evident as well as her use of traditional and modern techniques. She creates through various mediums. Painting, fashion, whatever she chooses.

Chiizii puts no limit or boundaries on her work and feels blessed to be able to share it.


London College of Fashion. Fashion Textiles Print (BA)
Sept 2014/June 2017

London College of Fashion . International Preparation for Fashion (CHE)
Sept 2013/June 2014